Currently a guest lecturer at University of Queensland in the Masters in Petroleum Engineering program, and with over 20+ year track record of teaching experience, moREc can provide reservoir engineering & subsurface training for graduates/juniors, non-engineering audiences, and commercial teams.

On-line delivery

Courses can be delivered in the traditional classroom format or on-line through platforms such as Zoom, Teams, or GoToWebinar. This is what some of my students have had to say in the past.

“Was a really informative course and the answers the questions and explanations were great. Gave me an appetite to learn more about the Res Eng field in the future”

“Absolutely loved these sessions thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. You are an excellent presenter”

“Alan is a great teacher. He’s passionate and able to explain technical subjects in simple way, which makes them easy to understand”

“Excellent course and very well presented, especially given the challenges of presenting remotely. I have a much greater understanding of RE now and things I thought I knew before have now ‘clicked’ and I truly understand them. Thank you”

“Hi Alan, Thanks very much for the presentations. I thought you were an excellent presenter and everyone I’ve spoken to has been extremely enthusiastic about it”

Turnkey Courses


This course aims at providing a fundamental understanding of the entire value chain of a petroleum development project, with a specific emphasis on all key subsurface technical concepts and workflows which are relevant at the various stages, from early exploration trough to development to abandonment. Ideal for graduate induction programs or onboarding of new employees.

SubSurface 101

This course provides a complete overview of the subsurface world. It is aimed for audiences who are non-technical in nature, but who interact with, and are exposed to, technical concepts on a regular basis (eg Planning, Commercial, and Strategy teams).

RE for Geos

This course is aimed at geoscience practitioners and its objective is to bridge the gap in understanding of how key G&G features affect the dynamic reservoir behaviour and how that understanding translates into practical development decisions.

RE Fundamentals

This course is a deep dive into fundamental reservoir engineering concepts, and how they come together to generate a holistic understanding of the reservoir behaviour. Ideal for production and process engineers and operations teams in general.

CSG Fundamentals

This course focuses on the understanding of coal reservoirs, and discusses the characteristics, nuances and particular challenges of a coal seam gas development project. It can be tailored to graduates, non-technical personnel and subsurface professionals with a background in conventional oil and gas, who are transitioning into CSG.

Type Curves

This course focuses on type curves; what they are, what they are not, how they are generated, and how they are used by the different user groups. A section is dedicated to specifically clear up the many misconceptions around them.

Reserves – PRMS

This course discuses the SPE-PRMS framework for resource classification and categorization. The path to reserves bookings is discussed in detail through many practical examples. A specific section can be allocated to discuss the nuances of the reserves booking process in CSG fields in particular, if the client so desires.

Reservoir Modelling & Numerical Simulation

In partnership with industry veteran geologist Dan Fearfield, we offer an integrated full reservoir modelling course, split into two sections; 1) Static Modelling, and 2) Dynamic modelling. We present the workflows and tasks pertaining to each stage, the various data types used, the approaches to dealing with uncertainty, history matching and forecasting processes, how models are used to support development decisions and reserves bookings, and much more.

Financial Modelling

The ultimate goal of a development project is to make money, so technical professionals should be well versed in project economics. This course reviews the key concepts involved in project evaluation, commodity pricing, capital and operating cost assumptions, the value of investments as defined within a fiscal regime, and risks associated with investment decisions.

Excel-VBA Superpower

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) combined with Microsoft Excel and PowerQuery are probably the most powerful tool available, yet few even know about the unlimited potential of these tools. Given the astronomical efficiency improvements that can be achieved in a whole host of geoscience and engineering tasks, it should be made a priority for professionals to learn some basic automation skills.


Notion for Oil & Gas - Course & 5 Templates

Unlock the potential of Notion in the Oil & Gas industry with our exclusive course and five custom templates. Streamline your workflows, enhance data management, and boost productivity with tailored solutions.

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Intro to AI and No-Code tools for Oil and Gas Professionals

In this insightful 45-min webinar, we embarked on an enlightening journey through the versatile world of ChatGPT and its applications in writing, proofreading, translating, and summarizing, and into the realms of coding and data analytics.

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AI-Powered Imaging for the Modern Oil & Gas and Energy Professional

Five-part email series to dive into a fascinating world where AI meets the visuals of Oil & Gas and Energy.

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IARF Interactive Excel Pressure Profile

An interactive Excel file featuring the solution of the diffusivity equation for radial flow in a homogeneous, infinite reservoir (line source). The worksheet includes interactive scroll bars, allowing users to observe the impact of each parameter as they watch the pressure profile update in real time.

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Excel Data Model + Power Query: Visualization of Type Curves with Pivot Charts and Pivot Tables

Seven part video tutorial where I show you how to create a Data Model from an existing excel data set, and then how to pull data from the data model to build pivot charts and tables.

For more details, a short demo video, and to download it for free, visit the CrowdField Digital Store.

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IFP Log-Log pdf for PTA

An interactive PDF featuring essential wellbore, reservoir, and boundary models, complete with direct links to detailed model pages and derivative log-log plots. This streamlined resource offers quick, in-depth insights into modern pressure transient analysis.

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Using Excel as a Pre-Processor to Generate an Eclipse-100 .DATA Deck for a Box Model

Six-part video tutorial on how to transform Excel into an accessible user interface for quickly generating a black-oil .DATA simulation deck for a basic box model.

For more details, a short demo video, and to download it for free, visit the CrowdField Digital Store.

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