Alan Mourgues, Msc
Reservoir Engineering Consulting
Adding value through technical excellence

What I offer

Through my consulting business, moREc, I provide reservoir engineering and subsurface technical expertise to clients in the conventional Oil & Gas and CSG industries, both in Australia and internationally. Recognizing that every company operates differently, I aim to deliver tailored and customized workflows that perfectly align with the specific circumstances of each client. My service offering includes:

  • Desktop studies
  • Peer reviews
  • Due diligence
  • Data room assessments
  • Resources/Reserves evaluations
  • Independent Expert Reviews
  • Competent Person’s Reports

Alan's unique ability to be focused and pragmatic at the same time is made possible by a very sound petroleum engineering knowledge base combined with a high level of business acumen.


My strength lies in keeping the big picture in mind when framing the work, prioritizing business needs, and focusing on practical, value-adding solutions. I also ensure that technical best practices are applied throughout the process.

The key tenets of my value proposition are:


Areas of expertise

  • Reservoir modelling
  • Black oil numerical simulation
  • Compositional simulation
  • Uncertainty analysis & experimental design
  • Analytical reservoir modelling (MatBal/DCA)
  • Pressure/rate transient analysis (PTA/RTA)
  • Integrated production modelling (IPM)
  • Field development planning
  • Reserves evaluations
  • Economic appraisals
  • Financial modelling

Software proficiency

  • Petrel, GeoDesigner
  • E100, TNAV, IMEX
  • E300, GEM
  • AHM(TNav), MEPO
  • IHS (Fekete)
  • Kappa suite: Saphir, Rubis, Topaze
  • Petex suite: Mbal/Prosper/GAP
  • @RISK, ValNav, PetroVR
  • Coding: VisualBasic, PowerQuery, OpenServer, Python


Through my extensive contact network of consultant partners and associates, I can offer you comprehensive technical and commercial support throughout the entire value chain of a field development project.

Chris Thompson
Director at NXTRG
Over 25 years in technical, management and executive roles for private and public oil and gas companies. His experience spans reserves, production and operations management, investor and stakeholder relations, fund raising (including IPO), acquisitions and divestitures, exploration, green-fields and brown-fields development.
Randall Taylor
Taylor Exploration Consulting
Consulting Geophysicist with 30+ years of experience. In-depth knowledge of Seismic Interpretation, Processing QC, Rock Physics, Prospect and Play assessment & Survey Design. Deep experience in many Australian and NZ Basins, including Otway, Perth, Taranaki, Cooper, Eromanga, Surat, Browse and Carnarvon, gained from various roles with Origin, Santos and CSR.
Tim Moore
Cipher Consulting
Managing Director of Cipher Consulting Pty Ltd, specialising in the understanding of, and exploration for, organic-rich sediments, including coal, coalbed methane and shale gas.
Dan Fearfield
Fearfield Consulting
Development Geologist with a track record of success in reservoir management, project management and business planning. Strong expertise built on extensive experience in field development across multiple development types, in many geological basins, from working in numerous countries.
Glenn Morgan
Morgan Seismic Services
Glenn is a seasoned 2D & 3D seismic interpretation specialist with a proven track record of field Discovery (Speculant Field & drill-ready Enterprise accumulation), Appraisal, Development and New Ventures projects. Expertise in operations geophysics including well trajectory planning and execution (including geosteering and Extended Reach Drilling).
Elliot Kirk-Burnnand
EKB consulting services
Chemical & Petroleum Engineer with extensive experience in Hydraulic Fracture stimulation and Pilot Operations.
Cleve Mathews
Consulting Geologist
Geologist with extensive experience in the exploration, appraisal, and development of conventional and unconventional, offshore and onshore oil and gas resources.

Alan has exceptional technical skills that he combines with a natural curiosity and intuition for problem-solving. He can seek out value in any situation, and is not afraid to try new approaches. Alan is an excellent team worker and collaborator, and can present complex technical concepts to any audience


I can provide reservoir engineering and subsurface training tailored for graduates/juniors, non-RE audiences, and commercial teams. You can choose from a range of readily available turnkey courses.

Alternatively, I can customize a course specifically designed to meet your unique needs and requirements. For more details, please check the Resources page, here.


I have developed a strong interest in leveraging my AI, prompt engineering, and NoCode skills to create customized automations and workflows. I will use this site to share the tools I have developed throughout my career, and also provide live updates as I continue to develop new tools, processes, and workflows. Special emphasis will be given to areas such as AI, NoCode, Notion, Python, and Excel/PowerQuery/VBA.

Intro to AI and No-Code tools for Oil and Gas Professionals

In this insightful 45-min webinar, we embarked on an enlightening journey through the versatile world of ChatGPT and its applications in writing, proofreading, translating, and summarizing, and into the realms of coding and data analytics.

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👉 Check the Resources page for a more comprehensive list, here.


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